Project Ballyhoo: It’s Zine time, Baby!

The initial concept for the zine was “Psychedelic reflections on the G20.” Here’s what I’ve got so far! The above image is the front cover.

Inside front:

Calligraphy above and below this, spread across the centre two pages:

Back cover:

The plan here is two runs of printing. First run will be as many as I have investment to cover. They will be sold PWYC, recommended minimum $2. Proceeds will first go to reimburse investors, +10%. All further proceeds will be split 50/50 between honourariums for the artists who contributed, and reinvestment.

Second run will be as many as the profit from the first run can support. Division of proceeds to depend on how large that is. If it makes a profit, at least 50% will go towards the Legal Defence fund for the remaining G20 accused.

Let me know if you would like to invest.

So far I have $300 in pledged investment. At a printing cost of $1.63 per copy, that means the initial run will be ~200-400 copies. If I receive more investment, the initial run will be larger. All financial details will be posted online and remain transparent.


Update June 24:
Printed 300 copies at a cost of $489. Received $100 investment, have been pledged $100 each from two other people but have not received it yet. Sold two copies: one for $5 and one for $10. Several people have said they intend to buy one but have not seen me yet to do so.

Update June 25:

Monetary proceeds from one day selling booklets at and around a rally/march: $202.70. Other gifts: a necklace with great symbolic value that I prize highly and might repurpose, two DVDs, a bag of lychees and a live musical performance. The money is roughly 40% of the printing costs, so those who have already provided investment will receive 40% of their money back when next I see each of them. Speaking of which, also received $100 in investment.

Update June 26:

Sold five booklets for $5 each. Returned $50 to one of the initial investors. Several more people expressed intent to purchase.

Update June 30:

Rec’d $50 selling to friends and family

Rec’d $49 selling door to door

Update July 12:

Rec’d $44

Total rec’d so far: $385.7

Big box of issues left. They sell pretty easily if I actually put the time into offering them to people, but I’m not putting a huge amount of time into that at the moment, so it might take a while.

inside cover 1 2 3 4 5 6

  1. July 6th, 2011

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