Sex and Drugs

Drugs provide powerful tools for altering consciousness; so does sex. What about combining the two? For many, sex and drugs are separately the most pleasurable experiences they know, and in combination they can be even more powerful. This article explores a few of the reasons why the two are sometimes combined and a discussion of various advantages and disadvantages.

Psychedelic Sex Blast


A lot of us are really conflicted when it comes to sex. Sometimes because of guilt or past traumas and associations we want to do something on one level but on some other level we’ve got a mental block that keeps us from following through with it. People in this situation may turn to an inebriant to help “loosen up” and do what they secretly want, or to overcome social anxieties, making it easier to find a partner. For a lot of people this can be an important part of getting sex to happen at all, but it comes with a tradeoff: if you’re fucked up, chances are your performance is going to be impaired.

Alcohol’s the obvious case study here. Some people find a glass or two of wine makes them tingly and sensitive, but drink too much and it impairs motor control and dulls sensation, so drunk sex usually doesn’t feel nearly as good as sober sex. It can also make consent even more complicated than usual. You may be drinking to loosen up, but what do you do when someone is pushing your limits and you’re too drunk or high to know how to respond? Make sure you think about your limits beforehand: what are you okay with doing, and with whom? It may be good to have a friend who knows your limits watching out for you so that you don’t end up doing something you’ll regret. Also remember that some people may give booze or other drugs to make you more likely to sleep with them. Avoid bad situations, watch how much you take, and don’t tolerate this kind of douchey behaviour; if your friend tries to get someone drunk so they’ll “consent,” call them on it. Not cool.

Note that within this is the implication that inebriation can be used to surge past limits into experiences of wild abandon. Just remember that Dionysus is god of wine and orgies, but he’s also insane.


Enhancement has two sides:  improving your performance and improving your experience. Exactly what it is you feel needs improving and what you would consider to be an improvement will change what is appropriate here, such that two things that can separately be seen as improvements might be antithetical. For example, hashish might help you make intimately connected, passionate love, whereas amphetamines might help you fuck the shit out of each other. Which is it you want, if either? (I don’t mean to imply a dichotomy here, by the way! Just that you should consider your intentions carefully)

Stimulants like coke and crystal can lead to really intense, hard fucking, as you’ll be energetic, impatient and won’t get tired as easily. As hot as that can be, the harder you fuck, the more likely that you’ll hurt yourself or your partner. Cuts and tears make it much more likely to transmit infections like HIV, and coming down hard at the wrong angle can literally break a penis! Use lots of lube, and change condoms if it’s taking a long time. Getting your heart rate up too high can lead to a heart attack or stroke, especially if you also took Viagra — and many drugs can make it hard (hehe) to get an erection or to achieve orgasm, even if it feels great. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with taking a breather and drinking some water, and if you can’t cum, that’s fine: don’t force it

Cannabis, on the other hand, makes sensations more intense, and causes us to get really into whatever it is we happen to be doing. So if we’re running, running becomes more pleasurable and we can keep going longer, or if we’re sitting around on the couch it can be hard to be motivated to do anything. Applied to sex, that means we usually have less desire to initiate sex if stoned — so it’s not true that pot is an aphrodisiac. However, if sex is initiated, it can make it much more intense, so we get really into it and stay into it for longer — just like how it effects us when we go running. Unlike stimulants which make us fuck harder, pot will often make slow fucking feel that much better. Many women have reported that they’re only able to orgasm when stoned!


Sex by itself can be psychedelic: soul revealing, ego-destroying and triggering of deep insight. Mixing sex and psychedelic drugs can amplify both and be one of the most unbelievably intense things imaginable. If you Google around you’ll find many awesome stories of experiences so profound that you’ll probably be envious and want to try them yourself. Don’t!

Taking a powerful psychedelic with a lover and having sex sounds like an awesome plan on paper, but in practice it can be incredibly awkward, because once you come up, who knows how you’ll be feeling… these drugs are so powerful that they can easily overwhelm us and make it so that sex simply isn’t on our minds at all, whatever our intentions may have been. What’s worse, because of the way they can activate and amplify latent psychological processes, a bad sexual experience while tripping could be incredibly traumatising, and in the moment you might be completely incapable of expressing to your partner what it is you’re going through.

The truth is that sex on psychedelics can be totally amazing: ego boundaries dissolve and you fuse into one another, transformed into archetypal, primal energies, transpersonal divine beings of infinite beauty and love, pleasures upon pleasures unfolding into secrets of Ultimate Reality. If you ever get into that sort of space with somebody, count yourselves profoundly blessed. But do not expect it, or plan for it. What happens, happens, and that’s okay. 

On any drug, you may end up being too high to go searching for condoms and lube, so if you think you might have sex later (whether or not you’re planning to), be sure to already have everything you need with you before you get high, and don’t forget to have to take care of yourself! Make sure to eat and drink.

Addendum on aphrodisiacs:
The idea of an aphrodisiac is a drug which produces sexual desire where it wasn’t already. Many plants and drugs are claimed to be aphrodisiacs, but few truly occasion new feelings (damiana and bremelanotide are notable exceptions). My approach to aphrodisiacs is to recognise that if we’re unable to get horny, there’s often a somatic problem at the root of it, such as a headache, low energy levels, anxiety or indigestion. Better (and effective!) to treat these problems directly, rather than skipping ahead to a substance specific to getting you to have sex. My favourite aphrodisiac, therefore, is ginseng, which is primarily a stimulating “adaptogen.” Lots of people get randy after taking some… personally it makes me want to dance more than anything, so I usually have some when I go to a party. Energy can be used for lots of things! Ginseng is good for you; it’ll make your headache go away, it’ll help you think more clearly, and, yes, it may help you have more and better sex.

  1. There is an old saying in India: ‘There is nothing wrong in having sex as long as you do it with the right person, at the right time, in the right place and with the right attitude’ !! The same applies to the consumption of Cannabis, however in this case the right person can be replaced with the right dosage ! Cannabis was used in all ancient civilizations for various purposes ranging from treatment of minor physical ailments to communication with spirits, contact with the higher spheres of reality an spiritual insight. Among the Sufis, the adept had to have reached a certain level of spiritual maturity and subjected himself to fasting and meditation before he was considered ready to consume Cannabis. Elaborate rituals were performed among various cultures by the head priest or shaman to create the right atmosphere and frame of mind during the consumption of this plant.

    The Western consumers in their hurry for instant gratification did not heed this warning or were ignorant of it. This led it a widespread abuse and overuse of Cannabis in the West, with expected consequences. The old wisdom of the Orient is long dead. The respect that this divine plant enjoyed in the oriental cultures is almost lost now.

    • What are those expected consequences?

      • Undervaluation of the unique potential of this plant, adverse effects on physical and mental health, and clamp down on Cannabis sellers and users by governments and law enforcing agencies.

  2. kabirvaani :

    Undervaluation of the unique potential of this plant, adverse effects on physical and mental health, and clamp down on Cannabis sellers and users by governments and law enforcing agencies.

    Which adverse effects on physical and mental health would those be? Aware of any prevalence rates?

    The worst of it is symptoms consistent with chronic bronchitis in a small minority of users… and that’s typically not life threatening or anything. Far more people in America have benefited from it both physically and mentally than have been seriously hurt by it.

    I mean, you’re right in that it’s currently much worse than if there was good education, more respect, etc. But it really isn’t that bad… it’s more that the culture it’s entering into is bad. In many cases it’s effectively remedied that, getting people off alcohol, and getting them outside.

    At some point I’m hoping to write an ethnography of the role of illicit cannabis use in “nature walks,” aka quests or missions. The short version is that large numbers of young people who smoke pot do so outside, at first simply so their parents won’t know, but because of that they end up going on adventures and discovering beauty they hadn’t previously been aware of.

    I feel like you’re under the impression that pot has been an overall negative thing in North America, which is simply not the case.

    • Cannabis prohibition, on the other hand, has been pretty fucked up. But I wouldn’t blame the plant for that, or an attitude of instant gratification for that matter. More like, greedy ignorant plutocrats exerting coercive sovereign authority.

  3. Ok, agreed that my knowledge of the attitude, use, misuse and adverse effects of this plant in the West is limited to whatever the western media and internet show to the rest of the world. I am now trying to educate myself on this front. However what I still do not understand is why are the governments and law enforcement agencies in north America so paranoid about weed ?

    • Historical reasons mainly. Lots of racism and classism (gotta keep down those blacks/hippies), as well as functional pressure (it’s already been illegal, and law enforcement types want to keep their jobs)… it’s messy and complicated. Prohibition has definitely destroyed a LOT of lives, and doesn’t really make any kind of sense.

      Random study about the effects of increasing cannabis prevalence in an area in the US:

      • Thanks for the link.

  4. Having read this I thought it was very enlightening.
    I appreciate you taking the time and effort to put this
    article together. I once again find myself spending a lot of
    time both reading and commenting. But so what, it was still worth

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