Line and Colour

While reviewing some old pictures I came across some images I made back in 2007, using the most esteemed of all art tools: MS Paint. Figured I’d post a few of ’em here… eventually I might even post some images I made this decade! But not right now.

At the Border of Trust

At the Border of Trust

Best Face Forlorn



New ControlNew Cotnrol2

No-one Will Invade My Private SanctumNoone Will Invade My Private Sanctum

Power Struggle in Sumer

A Slight Miscalculation of WillSlight Miscalculation of the Will

The FakerThe Faker

The Gaping Maw of EnnuiThe Gaping Maw of Ennui

Total Loss of ControlTotal Loss of Control

In conclusion: art is really easy and fun to make. I wouldn’t claim to be nearly as good at it as some of my highly talented friends, but nor does one need to be. These were just a few doodles in Paint… about as amateurish as you can get. And I still like them. Hurray!

Make something pretty. You’ll feel better.

  1. Some interesting pieces here! 🙂

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