Poems Español

A few days ago I got back to Canada from two months in Guatemala, spent mostly sitting in hammocks, looking at flowers and volcanoes, smoking stemmy/seedy pot, and writing an enormous volume of poetry. I also studied Spanish for two weeks in Santa Cruz la Laguna. While I wrote about 500 haiku in English, I wrote the following seven en Español (haikus are seventeen syllable poems in lines of 5/7/5. In Japan they’re supposed to be about the changing seasons, but since the beat poets, there’s an English tradition of writing them on any topic). Figure that’s a good place to start sharing some of what I’ve written. Enjoy!

San Marcos la Laguna, Lago Atitlan

Hola, amiga!
Yo no hablo español
Paro, todo bien!

En la manaña,
Yo voy a Panajachel
Quieres tu halgo?

Vista de Lago
Estaño, oxidado
Pueblo, bonito

Muy ponderoso!
Relampago ariba
Volcan Atitlan!

Excepto el viento
Silba, el pasa

Les tres hermanas:
Maize, frijoles, y la

Escribo poems
Dificil en Español!
Mucha sílabas!

(English translations: “Hello, friend! I don’t speak Spanish, but it’s all good!” “In the morning I’m going to Panajachel. Want anything?” “View of the lake. Tin, rusted. People, beautiful.” “Very mighty! Lightning over Atitlan volcano!” “The storm is silent, except for the whistling wind, flying ever past” “The three sisters: corn, beans and squash” “Writing poems is difficult in Spanish! Many syllables!”

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