Moon Gathering Art

Went through a pile of art yesterday, selected some pieces and (poorly) photographed them. Most of these are collaborative works from Moon Gatherings I hosted, 2011-2012. A couple others have been allowed to sneak in. For some, I know who did which parts. For others I do not. Apologies for the poor image quality, for the damage accrued from poor storage, and for not including every image. Still, better to put online what I’ve got than not to, I figure…

Complexity Foxy Ecosystem Zenakiss Well We Are Everywhere This Thus Us SayAboutUs Now Was Then Love Your Glands Line and Swirl Inner Unpeace I Thought About You Graphic de sign Geometer Exquisite Corpse Emergence Dreaming Cancerous

Red Teeth Purple Bodaceous Anus
Crystalline Burst

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