Drafts and Concepts

In 2011, when I was turning out one article every week, I also began working on a number of other articles which I intended to finish, before life intervened and I got sidetracked from that work. Since then I’ve come up with many more ideas than I’ve actually written articles. The purpose of this post is to list a few of those ideas and concepts, many of them already half-finished, both for you to know what else I’ve been working on beyond what’s publicly available, and to provide an opportunity for anybody to request that I put in the time to finish and publish an article they would like to see. This is, however, not a complete list, either of ideas I have (some I’m not ready to talk about this publicly), or of ideas you could suggest for me to write on. 😉

Guide, Guardian or Gondolier? Three models for the psychedelic trip-sitter
Immersion; from dissociation to flow and beyond
The Mushrooms are a Metaphor
Checking In for Trippers and Sober Sitters
In Trips and Out Trips: Mystery and Communion
Visions and Visuals
Writing on Stimulants
Why I Must Refuse My Degree (long version)
Marijuana and Memory
Generic Traits of Mental Illness
How Trauma Works
Psychosis Does Not Cause Schizophrenia
How Psychosis and Addiction Scientists Ignore their Subjects to the Detriment of Everybody
Boyfriends Make Terrible Therapists: how not to retraumatise one another
Haikubed: a Haiku of Haikus of Haikus
BDSM and Consciousness Alteration
Normality and Its Perversions
Your Swordsmanship Offends Me – on offensiveness and courtesy
The Two Schools of Natural Philosophy – why modern medicine and traditional Chinese medicine are so different

etc… the major work I spent the past year on (2014/2015), Childhood Trauma Explains Pathology in Cannabis Dependent Adolescents, ought also to be made public, but I still feel I should publish it scientifically before making it completely available (for now, request the PDF if you wish to read it). The above list includes some articles which would use material from that project. I also have a lot more thoughts on sex, gender and sexuality which I would eventually like to develop into articles, but most of that isn’t near enough ready yet. I’ve also been studying historical combat, particularly Chinese martial arts, and I now have a certificate in Medical Qigong, so I’ve been considering writing on those topics as well, but remain unsure of exactly the angle to come at them from: much of my other material is both very general as well as largely original, and therefore very different from talking about an established system which I am both learning and practising. But insofar as I have knowledge which is both interesting and useful, hopefully I can strike an appropriate balance.

What would you most like to see?

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