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Drafts and Concepts

In 2011, when I was turning out one article every week, I also began working on a number of other articles which I intended to finish, before life intervened and I got sidetracked from that work. Since then I’ve come up with many more ideas than I’ve actually written articles. The purpose of this post is to list a few of those ideas and concepts, many of them already half-finished, both for you to know what else I’ve been working on beyond what’s publicly available, and to provide an opportunity for anybody to request that I put in the time to finish and publish an article they would like to see. This is, however, not a complete list, either of ideas I have (some I’m not ready to talk about this publicly), or of ideas you could suggest for me to write on. ūüėČ

Guide, Guardian or Gondolier? Three models for the psychedelic trip-sitter
Immersion; from dissociation to flow and beyond
The Mushrooms are a Metaphor
Checking In for Trippers and Sober Sitters
In Trips and Out Trips: Mystery and Communion
Visions and Visuals
Writing on Stimulants
Why I Must Refuse My Degree (long version)
Marijuana and Memory
Generic Traits of Mental Illness
How Trauma Works
Psychosis Does Not Cause Schizophrenia
How Psychosis and Addiction Scientists Ignore their Subjects to the Detriment of Everybody
Boyfriends Make Terrible Therapists: how not to retraumatise one another
Haikubed: a Haiku of Haikus of Haikus
BDSM and Consciousness Alteration
Normality and Its Perversions
Your Swordsmanship Offends Me – on offensiveness and courtesy
The Two Schools of Natural Philosophy Рwhy modern medicine and traditional Chinese medicine are so different

etc… the major work I spent the past year on (2014/2015), Childhood Trauma Explains Pathology in Cannabis Dependent Adolescents, ought also to be made public, but I still feel I should publish it scientifically before making it completely available (for now, request the PDF if you wish to read it). The above list includes some articles which would use material from that project. I also have a lot more thoughts on sex, gender and sexuality which I would eventually like to develop into articles, but most of that isn’t near enough ready yet. I’ve also been studying historical combat, particularly Chinese martial arts, and I now have a certificate in Medical Qigong, so I’ve been considering writing on those topics as well, but remain unsure of exactly the angle to come at them from: much of my other material is both very general as well as largely original, and therefore very different from talking about an established system which I am both learning and practising. But insofar as I have knowledge which is both interesting and useful, hopefully I can strike an appropriate balance.

What would you most like to see?


Table of Contents

Formal Essays:
Inebration and Authenticity
¬†‚ÄúOppos[e na/i]tional Agency‚ÄĚ rap essay about salmon fisheries + annotations
The Paradox of Normal
Childhood Trauma Explains Pathology in Cannabis Dependent Adolescents (annotated bibliography; essay available on request)

First Hand Accounts and Informal Essays:
Highlights from 2015 in Marijuana Science
King’s College London Causes Psychosis
Can we please stop assuming that marijuana is harmful to young people?
Before the Drunk God / Fought Darius Against Kay / and Zach Against Zach
Yet Another White Man’s Burden (Normal: redux)
Why I Must Refuse My Degree (short version)
Iboga: Serious Business
Rob Ford is not an Addict: Rob Ford is a Monster

Drug education articles:
Why Do We Use Drugs?
Psychedelic Defined
The Psychotherapeutic Setting
Cleansing and Banishing Rituals
Caring for the Body
Three Traditional Ways to Prepare for an Intense Trip
Recreational Use
Sex and Drugs

Do Psychedelics Encourage False Beliefs?
An Herb to Know: Kudzu
Cannabis: What’s it Good For?
What Does Marijuana Do? It Rebalances Everything

Keep On Trollin
Yet Another White Man’s Burden (Normal: redux)
How Gays Marrying “Threatens” the Institution of Marriage

Visual Art:
Line and Colour
Experimental Images

Project Ballyhoo (media campaign in 2011 to mark the anniversary of the Toronto G20):
Reasons People Were Arrested at the Toronto G20
Project Ballyhoo Zine 

Open, Inclusive Drug Education: High Chance or Pipe Dream?
Poems Espa√Īol
Research Occupy Toronto
Drafts and Concepts

Experimental Images

Some art experiments, mostly work I did in 2011-2012, but also including something I made for an Africa unit in Grade 1. They’re all pretty much untitled, but were given superficial filenames.Colourburst Bluer than pink Believe1 Alien Africa Abstraction Vortex Vortex and swirl Strife Stain Split Splatter Splat Shinybeans Salamandrix Orange mess Lovers Living Listlessness Belies Antipathy Lines3 Lines2 Lines1 Life Drawing Gesture Form Experiment Defectomatic Cycle Flow

Moon Gathering Art

Went through a pile of art yesterday, selected some pieces and (poorly) photographed them. Most of these are collaborative works from Moon Gatherings I hosted, 2011-2012. A couple others have been allowed to sneak in. For some, I know who did which parts. For others I do not. Apologies for the poor image quality, for the damage accrued from poor storage, and for not including every image. Still, better to put online what I’ve got than not to, I figure…

Complexity Foxy Ecosystem Zenakiss Well We Are Everywhere This Thus Us SayAboutUs Now Was Then Love Your Glands Line and Swirl Inner Unpeace I Thought About You Graphic de sign Geometer Exquisite Corpse Emergence Dreaming Cancerous

Red Teeth Purple Bodaceous Anus
Crystalline Burst

Poems Espa√Īol

A few days ago I got back to Canada from two months in Guatemala, spent mostly sitting in hammocks, looking at flowers and volcanoes, smoking stemmy/seedy pot, and writing an enormous volume of poetry. I also studied Spanish for two weeks in Santa Cruz la Laguna. While I wrote about 500 haiku in English, I wrote the following seven en Espa√Īol (haikus are seventeen syllable poems in lines of 5/7/5. In Japan they’re supposed to be about the changing seasons, but since the beat poets, there’s an English tradition of writing them on any topic). Figure that’s a good place to start sharing some of what I’ve written. Enjoy!

San Marcos la Laguna, Lago Atitlan

Hola, amiga!
Yo no hablo espa√Īol
Paro, todo bien!

En la mana√Īa,
Yo voy a Panajachel
Quieres tu halgo?

Vista de Lago
Esta√Īo, oxidado
Pueblo, bonito

Muy ponderoso!
Relampago ariba
Volcan Atitlan!

Excepto el viento
Silba, el pasa

Les tres hermanas:
Maize, frijoles, y la

Escribo poems
Dificil en Espa√Īol!
Mucha sílabas!

(English translations: “Hello, friend! I don’t speak Spanish, but it’s all good!” “In the morning I’m going to Panajachel. Want anything?” “View of the lake. Tin, rusted. People, beautiful.” “Very mighty! Lightning over Atitlan volcano!” “The storm is silent, except for the whistling wind, flying ever past” “The three sisters: corn, beans and squash” “Writing poems is difficult in Spanish! Many syllables!”

Line and Colour

While reviewing some old pictures I came across some images I made back in 2007, using the most esteemed of all art tools: MS Paint. Figured I’d post a few of ’em here… eventually I might even post some images I made this decade! But not right now.

At the Border of Trust

At the Border of Trust

Best Face Forlorn



New ControlNew Cotnrol2

No-one Will Invade My Private SanctumNoone Will Invade My Private Sanctum

Power Struggle in Sumer

A Slight Miscalculation of WillSlight Miscalculation of the Will

The FakerThe Faker

The Gaping Maw of EnnuiThe Gaping Maw of Ennui

Total Loss of ControlTotal Loss of Control

In conclusion: art is really easy and fun to make. I wouldn’t claim to be nearly as good at it as some of my highly talented friends, but nor does one need to be. These were just a few doodles in Paint… about as amateurish as you can get. And I still like them. Hurray!

Make something pretty. You’ll feel better.

Why I Must Refuse My Degree (short version)

I, Michael Vipperman, intend to renounce the degree I am being offered from the University of Toronto on June 14, 2012, in protest over the ongoing commodification and bureaucratization of education at this University, best exemplified by the increasingly intimate relationship between the University and such venemous institutions as Barrick Gold and the World Bank.

Education is an ongoing process, not a product which can be sold or received. However, the degree I am being offered represents an expensive end goal, accessible only to an elite few, not on the basis of whatever academic merit we may possess, but on our access to wealth and on our willingness to play by the rules of bureaucracy. It is a symbol of the priorities and values of this University, which in recent years has increasingly sacrificed quality on the altar of efficiency, constricting the freedoms both of students and of faculty. Meanwhile, funding priorities have emphasised generating wealth for industry over providing a quality education. This is the norm whenever such commodification takes place. One simply needs to observe the classroom sizes on this campus, where now even some tutorials are held in Convocation Hall, to be convinced of the extent of the damage done to the educational experience.

I stand in solidarity with the courageous students of Québec, who have been mounting fierce resistance against such political/economic warfare. They are clearly cognizant of where this road leads. Knowing that it is possible for us to do better, I would like to call upon my peers, in Canada and globally, to oppose the neoliberal hegemony that continues to deny what is rightfully ours: barrier-free education.

By rejecting my degree I mean no personal offence to either my peers nor the faculty at the University. I have fond feelings and the highest of respect for many who remain at this institution, and hold no ill will towards those who do not refuse their degree. However, I cannot stay true to my personal values and at the same time accept a degree from an institution which also honours and supports Barrick Gold and the World Bank. The values of this university are clear, and they are not mine. As graduating students, whether this is our first, second or third degree, we are all getting burned.

Thank you.

Late in 2009, Peter Munk, chairman and founder of the world‚Äôs largest gold mining company (Barrick Gold), made a ‚Äúdonation‚ÄĚ of $35 million — to be paid out over an extended period (until 2017), provided he continues to approve of how it is spent — to support the expansion of the Munk School of Global Affairs, a semi-autonomous department of the University studying areas in which Munk has a clear conict of interest. That¬†agreement, made¬†without consultation with the Governing Council, requires that the government and the¬†University each provide an additional $25 million toward the Munk School, while other¬†programs are being closed, undergraduate tuition is skyrocketing and research funding¬†for graduate students is being cut. Part of the Munk School is a non-academic right wing¬†think-tank. This is nothing short of a corporate takeover of the university.

Some human rights and environmental violations by Munk’s company:

– Cyanide, mercury and other heavy metals contamination in Australia, Papua New Guinea, Tanzania and elsewhere, leading to numerous deaths from poisoning
– the burning of at least 130 houses, beating and gang raping of residents in Papua New Guinea by mine security staff to quell protests about their water’s contamination
– the massacre of unarmed villagers in Tanzania